Cooling Pump Filtration Screens

Project category: Cooling Towers

filtration-screenArgos FRP constructed a system of removable screens to filter sea water at the inlet for large cooling tower pumps. The screens had to withstand the force of tonnes of water flowing through the FRP grating and yet be light enough to be removable for periodic wash down to clean off debris and growth.

screenThe screens are permanently immersed in sea water and the corrosion resistant properties of Pultruded FRP made the Argos product a perfect choice for these filter screens.

FRP also has a greater resistance to the growth of crustaceans than some other common filter materials and of course the FRP Framework had to be tough enough to provide a long service life in this exceptionally harsh environment.

Filter screens were light enough to load with a small mobile crane.

installationCompleted installation will be permanently immersed in sea water


Argos FRP Device