Argos FRP team at work

Argos FRP was established in 2004 by Fraser Tonner, R+D Engineer and Designer. We are a proudly Australian owned and operated company, committed to helping industry discover the design, construction, maintenance and cost benefits of FRP.

We invest heavily in R&D, having spent millions since our inception, and continue to push the boundaries of FRP products and applications. Having operated one of only a few pultrusion machines in Australia, our team has a sound understanding of the FRP industry from innovative design and manufacturing, through to assembly and project management. It is this end-to-end knowledge that makes us such an effective partner to solve your corrosion problems.

Argos FRP works closely with a team of external contract engineers, draftsmen, stainless steel and other fixture and fitting suppliers and overseas FRP manufactures so we can deliver the best-tailored solution for your needs.

For trivia buffs curious about our name, it pays tribute to the inventor of fiberglass, Russell Games Slaytey, who was from Argos, Illinois.

Argos FRP Device