5 things you need to know about Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) grating 

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FRP Grating

There’s a lot to know about FRP Grating – plenty of dense information about what it is, how it’s made and what environments suit the fibre reinforced plastic grating best are available online. It’s hard to know what information is most relevant to your needs.

So, we’ve done the hard work for you.

As an FRP grating supplier, there are 5 things we want you to know about FRP grating.


1. High Strength but Low Weight

FRP gratings have high elasticity; the designs are usually based on deflection calculations. The FRP sections, in general, are significantly lighter than their metallic counterparts. They are extremely easy to handle.

2. Resistant to Corrosion

The corrosion resistance of plastic gratings is very high compared to Steel or Aluminium Gratings. These have therefore become the chosen product in Chemical Industries, Salt Water or Salty Environments, Waste Water Treatment Plants etc. where the environment is extremely corrosive.

3. Non-Conductive Nature

The non-conductive (dielectric) nature of FRP gratings makes it ideal for usage in electric switch rooms, control rooms etc. This reduces any possibilities of electric shock, as FRP does not reflect electromagnetic radiation. This property also makes it most preferred for use in transmitting devices (micro wave, radar installations etc.)

4. Ideal for usage in places where Hot-Work is not Permitted

FRP grating is recommended for usage in environments which are prone to flammable liquids, fumes, dust etc. Cutting and working on FRP grating does not produce sparks of any form and therefore the potential of ignition is greatly reduced.

5. Durability

FRP grating is self-pigmented & not coloured. If proper FRP grating is chosen (based on resin selection, loading criteria, & other parameters such as UV exposure, required a finish, chemical exposure etc.) it doesn’t deteriorate as much as gratings with a painted finish. FRP grating doesn’t rust and is easy to maintain.

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