Who We Are: Timeline

Argos FRP key events
April 2004

Founder, Mr. Fraser TonnerMr. Fraser Tonner founded ABBIX Engineering to develop a sustainable, modular, dE7 building system using polymers.

June 2010

MPI Pultrusion MachineABBIX Industries Pty Ltd (now trading as Argos FRP) was incorporated. The company purchases a Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) pultrusion machine from US company MPI and leases a 1,100m2 factory in Landsdale, WA.

February 2013

Argos FRP Diamond DeckAn FRP alfresco decking “diamond deck” is designed.

June 2013

M&B Sales - Diamond Deck distributorArrange an exclusive distribution agreement with M&B Sales (a WA building product distributor) for diamond deck and work closely with them to bring the product to market.

November 2013

Intralink Techno Sdn Bhd Malaysia (Intech)Negotiate an exclusive Australian distribution agreement with Intralink Techno Sdn Bhd Malaysia (Intech), to import and distribute their industrial FRP product range.

February 2014

Argos FRP Exhibition StandExhibitor at the AOG expo in Perth.

June 2014

MPI Pultrusion MachineManufacturing shifts from Australia to Malaysia, with Intech producing all FRP products. Intech buy the MPI pultrusion machine, expanding their production capacity to 14 machines.

August 2014

Relocation to Osborne Park officesRelocate to 26 Howe Street, Osborne Park, WA.

September 2014

Argos FRP testing at UWAReceive our second R&D grant, boosting total R&D spend to over $3 million in 3 years.

November 2014

Argos FRP jetty panel site inspectionSecure a multi-million dollar contract to design and deliver jetty panels to replace an existing wooden jetty in the Pilbara.

February 2015

Argos FRP Exhibition BackdropExhibitor at the AOG expo in Perth.

October 2015

Overhead view of the new Jetty installationPractical completion of the Jetty replacement contract.

January 2015

Argos FRP Logo on fading backgroundThe company rebrands, changing our name from ABBIX to Argos FRP. (Argos in Illinois is the birthplace of Russell Games Slaytey, the inventor of Fiberglass).

February 2016

UWA logoEnter into a Collaboration Agreement with UWA and Monash Universities researching FRP.

Argos FRP Device